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Perfect Ten Developer: Japura Development Pte Ltd (jointly by CK Asset Holdings Limited and Property Enterprises Development Singapore Pte Ltd)


CK Asset Holdings Limited

CK Asset Holdings Limited (“CK Asset” or “the Group”) is a leading multinational corporation committed to achieving long-term sustainable growth through continual strengthening of its existing property businesses, and steady enhancement of its recurring income base via a prudent global investment strategy. The Group has diverse capabilities with activities encompassing property development and investment, hotel and serviced suite operation, property and project management, aircraft leasing, pub operation and investment in infrastructure and utilities.

As one of the largest property developers in Hong Kong, CK Asset has a leading market share in Hong Kong, an extensive portfolio in Mainland China, and a significant presence in Singapore and the United Kingdom. With its long history of property development expertise, the Group has built many of Hong Kong’s most notable landmark buildings and complexes, some of which form part of its core asset holdings. The market capitalisation of the Group amounted to HK$184 (S$32.1) Billion as at 31 August 2020.

Property Enterprises Development (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Property Enterprises Development (Singapore) Pte Ltd (PEDS), is a member of the CK Asset Group. Leveraging on CK Asset’s track record, expertise, reputation and financial strength, PEDS has contributed significantly to the cityscape of Singapore.

The Company’s developments always seek to fit harmoniously into their environments, enhancing the value of the sites with efficient space planning, top-grade finishes and creative solutions. PEDS continues to set new benchmarks for premium lifestyle-oriented developments, including Stars of Kovan, Thomson Grand, The Vision, Cairnhill Crest, Thomson 800 and Costa Del Sol.

PEDS also plays a critical role in the development of new districts and neighbourhoods. The Group is part of the joint venture that envisioned and developed One Raffles Quay, Marina Bay Residences, Marina Bay Suites and Marina Bay Financial Centre – which transformed Singapore’s business district and the Marina Bay area.


Stars of Kovan


The Vision


Marina Bay Financial Centre


Architect Design Statement

PerfecTTen is sited at a vantage location that is bestowed with an unobstructed view of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and the City, and is also a deep site from the main road. This is a site of lush greenery, exclusive privacy and unmatched views. Our design for PerfecTTen aims to take advantage of these enviable site attributes to create a unique home for the residents.

PerfecTTen is designed with Grandeur in mind. A pair of twin towers is arranged in a chevron formation that maximises sweeping views for the units and generous setback from the main road. This chevron formation also gives PerfecTTen its unique striking pose as a pair of open doors, welcoming the residents home with a grand gesture. Coming home to PerfecTTen is coming home to Grandeur.

PerfecTTen is truly an exquisite “work of Nature”. The towers are designed with a flowy façade, alluding to a pair of elegant “waterfalls” that cascade down to a lushly landscaped environmental deck. A grand pool stream across the environmental deck and cantilevers over a series of landscape terraces, taking after a river cascade. Green walls, planters and water features surround the environmental deck, creating a multi-sensory experience akin to walking through a green “valley”. The clubhouse hovers above the pool like a river outcrop, giving it vantage views of the entire pool deck. Coming home to PerfecTTen is coming home to Nature.

PerfecTTen is an epitome of Luxury where residents can pamper themselves. A grand drop-off adorn in meticulous details of glass, mesh, stone and water features, greets residents upon arrival. A sky-bridge garden connecting the twin towers, allows residents to dine and relax in privacy and at height while taking in the exhilarating views of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. A spread of amenities can be found on the environmental deck in the midst of lush greenery and soothing water features. Coming home to PerfectTTen is coming home to Luxury.


Mr Suneeth Changaroth
Director of DP Architects


Landscape Design Statement

PerfecTTen situated between Bukit Timah reserve and the bustling city of Singapore. The landscape of the property seeks to express this unique polarity that represent the lifestyle of the city.

One side of the development that faces the natural reserve, creating opportunity allowing the greens to flow through, complementing the architecture with balanced verticality, echoing the city skyline at the opposite.

The development is made up of multiple courtyards, roof gardens, a lifted podium with cantilevered swimming pool at one end. Boundaries between the buildings and neighbours are dissolved with greenery permeating through the development. Apart from just the proportion and scale of the built form in its environment, the spaces of the property are carefully crafted for an individual as well as a community. The plantings are carefully thought from one space to another, with the overall concept of manicured landscape, expressing neat lines and with accents of scented flowers to elevate the senses within the space.

The development has also multiple water features, celebrating the fluidity of the design. Water naturally captures the light and always reflecting the surrounding spaces, with the hint of tranquility towards the overall ambience.

The spaces are further evolved into various of functional space, fulfilling wide arrays of needs from the residents, ranging from meditation deck, moon pavilions, to rooftop jacuzzi with a panoramic view of Singapore skyline.


Mr Ong Sok Chun
Director of Salad Dressing